Everyone knows who and what eBay is all about


Everyone knows who and what eBay is all about. There arewell over 180 million ebay members. Day in and Day out people sell their goodson ebay in hopes to make a few bucks. “One man’s junk is another man’s gold”.Some of us unfortunately do not have enough junk to sell monthly in order tomake a decent profit. Well this is where this article will help you.

Ebayhas what’s called, an affiliate program. This is where you advertise for thosewho are selling product on ebay in exchange for a percentage of the salesgenerated. Not only can you get a percentage of the sale but if the buyer is anew ebay customer. You will receive at a minimum $25 for their ebayregistration. This is not bad for not having your own products to sell.

Acompany called Comission Junction handles Ebay’s affiliate program. You willhave to sign up with them first in order to get an ebay rechargeable led work lights Manufacturers affiliate id.Commission Junction also has hundreds of other companies that use them tohandle their affiliate programs. For now, we will just focus on ebay. Once youhave your CJ account, search CJ for the ebay affiliate program. You will seethat they offer banners, text and other advertising tools for you to use onyour own website or in emails. Both Commission Junction and eBay affiliateprograms are FREE. Can’t beat that!

The method described thus far ismainly for those that already have a website and want to put banner advertisingfor ebay on it. Next, if you want to display a single ebay product or acategory of ebay products on your site. You will have to create an ebay accountthen sign up for their affiliate program. Even though Commission Junctionmanages ebay’s affiliate program. This signup gets you access to ebay’s producttools. With these tools you will be able to put links on your estore or blogthat points to a particular ebay page. Once your visitors click the link andmake a purchase, you get paid. Other ebay tools allow you to define whichproducts to show on your site. This is nice because now your site actuallylooks like an E-store with product to sell. Same thing applies here as well.Visitors click, buy then you get paid.

Asyou can see the affiliate program is pretty straight forward and could allowyou to make a few extra dollars a month. The catch here is that you need orshould have your own estore website or blog. Getting your own site up andrunning is not really a big task. In fact, if you don’t have a site yet. Iencourage you to get one set up. Don’t be left behind. The entire world is usingthe Internet. I’m sure you have something to offer.

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